Search Engine Traffic Details

Search Engines are very important if we talk about traffic. Traffic is the key for making money online. But search engines are very hard to understand. Everybody knows the SEO basics, but to rank high you need skill. Or is this a myth. Do you need a ton of backlinks and you have a winner? I don’t know. I will show some of my search engine details in this post.

The top 5 of my current 599 search strings are all proxy related. At number 1 is “proxy websites” with 1,300 visitors this month, with 10 days to go. At number 2 is “proxy website” with 700 visitors this month already. The total of the top 5 results are 2,600 so far this month. And this is all targeted proxy traffic. Most of those visitors are teens that want to surf on MySpace or people in offices that want to surf the web at work.

All this traffic is landing into my Proxy Website post. As you can see on the comments (currently 41) the traffic are mostly teens. I am on spot 5 in google for the term “Proxy Website” and it is searched a lot. The overture for “proxy website” was 8,000 last month (and this is only in yahoo search).

But why does this post rank that high in the search engines? This blog is about Tech, Search Engine Ranking, Domaining and Making Money Online, it has nothing to do with proxy websites. I made that post because I owned a proxy website. I closed the site because of to much BW use. But I decided to put it back on again (yesterday) because of this massive proxy traffic this blog is getting.

I am trying to rank high for keywords I just mentioned (tech, search engine ranking etc), but I get high rankings for totally different things. I also get some decent search engine traffic on this blog post “painful moment“. It is a very small post with a hilarious picture of a soccer player (check for yourself). But I don’t try to rank high for keywords like “funny soccer pics” or “soccer pics”.

I will keep my eye open for new strategies and tactics and will share it with you if it brings any success.