Setting Up Proxy Site

Creating a proxy website is not hard to do. Everybody can do it and the best thing, it is free. The script that I am using is PHProxy and everybody can download it and use it. If you have 10 minutes free time, you can set up a proxy and make money with it. I did it on a 4 letter .com domain which was sitting in my portfolio doing nothing but sit. As from now, it is a proxy website.

How do I get traffic on my proxy site? I do nothing. I am not promoting it on other sites, don’t do link exchanges, nothing of that. The only thing I did, is sign up with top proxy sites. You can see them at the bottom of my proxy (the little buttons). This will drive in some traffic, not much, but something 🙂

Earnings so far: This proxy site already earned $ 4 in adsense. This seems not much to you. But it was parked before this, making no money at all. I am sure it will make more money in the future and this will be a profitable website.

If you have some domains laying around doing nothing. Download the proxy script and put one up yourself. It don’t cost much time and you can earn easy money with it 🙂