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Sold the Forum

Recently I bought a webmaster forum, my plans were bright. Make it a really big forum and enjoy all the benefits that come with that. But plans changed. Managing a forum is very time consuming and I did not post regularly on my blog anymore. The forum was really active and the new owner has a good forum now.

The forum was sold at SitePoint and the final price was $ 800. I made a nice profit on and 50% of this money I am going to reinvest into my web business. SitePoint really has a big marketplace, there are sites listed for more than $ 100,000 and also being sold. Now I experienced how it is to own and manage an active webmaster forum. This was a good experience and I learned a lot from it.

Domain names are getting my attention again. I am trying to catch some expiring domains and sell them for a nice profit. When I catch a good domain and sell it I will definitely blog about it and share my experiences.