Spending Money to Make Money

Earning money is great. I made almost $ 400 of this blog in March. I can put all the money in my bank account or invest it again in other projects. By the way, if I put my money in my bank account, I will likely get the money and drink it away in the weekend, so it is a good idea to invest in my position . I am looking for some good investments this month.

One of my dreams is to have an active webmaster related forum. I know this niche is already saturated, but it is the topic that I really enjoy writing about whole day if necessary. While browsing the DP forums, I came at a interesting thread of a webmaster forum going cheap. I talked to the owner and finally I bought the forum 2 days ago. I will not disclose the URL yet, because it has a poor designed template on it and it is optimized very bad. First I want it to be more beautiful and I want to be proud on it while promoting. That forum costs me a good sum of money. But I think it is worth more than I paid for it.

I already spend around $ 50 on link building for my blog. I bought around 10 blog posts on other blogs and a few links on websites with pagerank. I hope this will improve my blog rankings and maybe I can get a pagerank 5 in the next google update, which will come within 1 month I think.

I will keep you updated about the forum progress.