Starting another Forum

Today I opened a webmaster forum, my newest project. I already had a webmaster forum before but I sold it for a nice profit. I am not planning to sell this webmaster forum and will make it a very big forum, at least that’s the plan :). A good marketing tool for a starting forum is a contest. I am thinking of a good one and the product to give away will be a really nice one. I am thinking about an iPod or a TFT screen, any suggestions?

The topics in this brand new webmaster forum will be anything what I blog about and even more. I invite you all to join and I will announce the contest if I start it.

For promotion of the forum I will use other blogs. I will buy some blog posts or sponsored listings. Also trying to make good content and get it on the social bookmarking sites like Digg and Stumble Upon. It will be hard to promote the forum and get new members in and post, I realize that. Wish me luck