Starting another Forum

Today I opened a webmaster forum, my newest project. I already had a webmaster forum before but I sold it for a nice profit. I am not planning to sell this webmaster forum and will make it a very big forum, at least that’s the plan :). A good marketing tool for a starting forum […]


A New Contest

Today is the start of the $ 150 contest at the Hideout. With this contest I am trying to get more members at the webmaster forums. This forum is in my possession for 10 days now and I want to make it big and a success. Forums are not easy to get started and it […]



I installed a cool plugin for wordpress. Digg is a plugin that detects incoming links from and automatically display a link back to the Digg post, so people can digg your post. It’s a user driven social content website. Everything on digg is submitted by the digg user community (that would be you). After […]