Tagging and Blogging

There are a lot of tagging games in the blog sphere. Every week I get tagged once or even twice sometimes. Sometimes I will participate because I think it can deliver me some extra backlinks and will be good for my blog. But sometimes I decide to not participate. Tag Games are not really interested and if I see those posts on other blogs I don’t spend my time to read it. It is just for improving link popularity and try to get a higher pagerank.

Yesterday I got tagged again. This time from a friend. He was blogging about the top 5 reads of him. It is a honor to be in that list and he is also a friend of mine. But I don’t like to post about it and name my top 5. I think I don’t have a top 5. I just read a lot of blogs and participate in the big forums. That’s were I find the most information. I have no particular blog that I like the most.

My Directory is doing quite well. It already got 600 + websites listed and the alexa ranking is also climbing. If you did not include your link yet, feel free to do it now. Thanks