Taking on the Big Boys

My directory network is growing slowly buy steady. On some of the directories I spend extra attention and more work than others. Also on A Site, this directory is currently pagerank 3 but is expected to be a pagerank 5 on the next pagerank update. And you all know, for directories is pagerank one of the most importants factors. The design is very poor and waiting for a new skin.

The title says “Competing with Yahoo! and DMOZ“. It is really true. I am currently competing with these two giants in Google for the keyword phrase: Suggest A Site(google link). Of course these 2 giants are not trying to rank for these keywords, but it’s cool to say that I am competing with these two 😈

Suggest A Site has an overture of 3000 + according to the outdated overture checker from Yahoo! Currently I am ranked on spot 5 with my directory. Yahoo! takes spot 1 and DMOZ takes spot 2. Would be cool if I can climb up to spot 3 or even higher! Because of the decent overture I get around 200 visitors for this keyword monthly.