The Importance of PageRank

Forums like digital point are full of threads about pagerank. Almost everyday new threads are being created to talk about the famous google pagerank. At least 25 % of the people that reply in those threads are saying that pagerank does not matter. They are true if we are talking about rankings. Lot of websites with pagerank 0 rank higher than a website with pagerank 5.

But when we are looking at advertisement opportunities, pagerank plays an important role. Advertiser will buy links faster on your site if it has a good pagerank. A good pagerank is a pagerank 4 or higher. The higher the better of course, but at pagerank 4 you can start to earn money just because you have pagerank.

If you want to get a high pagerank you need backlinks. These backlinks are easy to get if you have enough money to spend. But what if you don’t have all that money to spent? Than it is still easy.

Submit your website to free web directories
Ask other website owners in the same niche for a link exchange
Comment on a lot of websites/blogs to get more traffic and exposure
If you use these 3 methods I am sure you can get a good pagerank. Submitting your website to directories will take some time, but it is worth it. You will build a good link popularity for your website and Google likes that.

This blog went up from pagerank 0 to pagerank 4 in its first update. Now the second update came and it got a pagerank 5. A bigger example: A buddy went from a pagerank 0 to a pagerank 5 in its first update, which is a good job, and he did not spend money on building links.

What I am saying is that you can get a good pagerank with little effort and no money to spend. Just use your time the right way, follow these 3 methods and you will succeed.