The Make Money Online Niche

Stephen started a topic about the make money online niche. He stated that there are many new make money blogs popping up on the net each day. I have to agree with him that this niche is skyrocketing! He tagged me to ask what my thoughts are, so here I go.

The make money online niche is seeing a tremendous growth lately. There are millions of make money blogs on the web and more and more people get involved. Is this bad for the bloggers that are already here? No, why would that be bad? I have to agree there is more competition, but there are also more people involved and the make money niche is growing and will attract more visitors and people that wants to make money every day.

Another good point: There is coming more and more money in the make money niche. The new bloggers are spending money to promote their sites to and maybe buy tools to help their websites or whatever.

I think there are to many bloggers that think this niche will fall or is getting some troubles. Just keep pulling out useful content and content that is generating links. If you keep doing this and satisfy your readers, I don’t see a problem here.