This Isn’t Easy

Creating websites and create online wealth sounds like a easy job. But it is not. You need to have enough free time to build a blog or any other website. It takes dedication and money all the time. With a blog you cannot stop for 1 week, if you do this you will probably loose a lot of your regular readers, and they won’t come back easy. My thoughts on the web business:


The online web business is all about credibility. If you screw up your readers or even members they will go away and tell others not to come to your online place. A good community can also help you a lot with building your sites. If you scare away your visitors, you will never have succes. This “game” is all about traffic and getting more traffic. Every visitors is equal and you need to handle each of them as potential customers.

To work on your credibility you can join discussions at several webmaster forums. If you come up with interesting thoughts and replies, people will notice you and want to know more about you, they will check out your links and if they like what they see you have a big chance they will stick around and will become regular visitors.

Give more than people expect of you:

This is a very nice tactic and everybody will fall for it. Example: I recently hired a coder to make some changes to my webmaster forum. He asked $ 20 for it and I sent him $ 40 without letting him know. The coder really liked this and if I need him now for some small changes he is always around and willing to help me without waiting.


Building friendships is very important in the online world. Everybody can use some extra help with incoming links or extra promotion. If you have build a nice friends list you can give links and receive links from your friends. This way you get more links than your competitors that are working alone. You also have more contacts to buy advertising from or even sell advertising to.