Traffic during Holidays

The last 3 days were really disappointing for my blog. The traffic went down and adsense caught zero clicks. Yesterday the traffic was already picking up again. I think this drop in traffic is because of Easter. People are free and not surfing as much on the web as usual. People are spending time with friends or family. The weekend is also bad in general. I don’t know if I am the only one experiencing this, but I don’t think so.

Search engine traffic is picking up more and more lately. This blog receives 23 % of its traffic from search engines (mainly google). This is a big improvement for this blog, last time I checked it was at 15% of all traffic.

Stumble Upon Traffic: This is something I want to discuss with you. I read a lot of threads on forums that Stumble Upon traffic is worthless or almost worthless. The traffic is not converting, people say. I agree on this 50 %. The traffic coming from Stumble Upon is not clicking many ads. But that is not necessary, the traffic is still valuable. Why? Because your site will be exposed to more eyes. People will know your site and maybe becoming returning visitors.

If you didn’t sign up yet. Do it now, it will give you extra (free) traffic and that is always a good thing. become my friend on stumble upon 😎 .